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• EXERCISE AEROBIC STEP: This Tunturi Stepper Platform is the ideal exercise equipment to get you into shape with a mix of cardio and high intensity functional training
• ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: Aerobic stepper can adjust in height for the optimal fit – Do not risk injury and step up too high
• NON-SLIP TEXTURED SURFACE: Fitness step features a sticky non slip textured surface design that offers premium traction with or with shoes
• DURABLY BUILT: Step up exercise platform is designed to support users of all kinds with a heavy-duty construction, making it great for group fitness classes or in your home gym or living room
• TUNTURI STEPPER: Wherever you are on your fitness journey, finding functional products at a value is always a plus. Tunturi Stepper offers a wide selection of colors and styles designed to keep your practice moving.
• Plastic
• Great for workout classes and regular home use, you can work out anywhere in your home, office or take it with you to your friends’ home!
• This 31” exercise stepper will help you work on your coordination as you improve your cardiovascular fitness. The secure, non-slip surface can ensure you exercise easily and safely. Our aerobic step can be used to target your hamstrings with alternating lunges and also help you to strengthen your chest and back by pushups.
• Shock absorbing, non-stick, non-slip surface.

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