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2 Players Badmington Racket


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High Quality String & High-Tension String: High intense of the string enables it durable and hard to break. The isometric square head shape frame structure and nanometer material enable it endure high pounds string, which can reach 26 pounds no need to change frame shape, means it is more effortless than most of other items while playing badminton.
Sturdy Frame Shaft & Handle: Made of 100% carbon fiber, high-elastic shaft tube hardness to make racket flexible. Include the frame, paint on the outer layer which makes it extremely highly quality, offer you an excellent experience of badminton game.
Powerful T-Joint inside Design: Have one-piece design outside and built-in T-joint inside It have been further improving the stability, achieve high-precision control performance. It also avoids the deformation caused by playing badminton, make racket more stable, play unparalleled power.
Durable & Comfortable Grips: Nice Friction and Texture Grips, feels good to hold. Perforated design, remove moisture effectively, very suitable for players who sweat easily. High quality soft material and thin thickness provide a better sense of racket.
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