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Battle Rope

  • The 12m battle rope build with heat shrink caps on the ends to improve the grip and protect you hand.
  • The Training Battle Power Rope can strengthen your abs, arms, shoulders, legs, burn fat, build stamina. Also it can improve your endurance of shoulders, increase reaction time & metabolic rate.
  • Using ways: swing, shake, spiral, throw, climb and so on, Use for climbing Rope, fitness ropes, exercise rope.
  • Using battle ropes for just 10 minutes can be considered a vigorous workout.

• WORKOUT BATTLE ROPES – 12m Length (Weight 5.2/9.6kg, Width 2.5/3.8cm) w/Protection Sleeve
• UPGRADED: Three-strand-thick exercise rope features a durable polyester blend with high tensile strength to prevent breakage. It can be used indoors or out, and it offers reliable, long-lasting performance, so you can keep the focus on your workout. Plus, the black color makes dirt less visible and keeps your rope looking new longer.
• EXERCISE IN COMFORT – Made of extremely thick 1200 denier polyester with a soft rubber handles., allowing you to burn calories and get in a great workout skipping or jumping without unnecessary discomfort
• DON’T WORRY – Our jump ropes are appropriate for men and women (The 12m rope is recommended for those under 6’10 tall), for adults, and for almost any workout, including boxing, CrossFit, and low-impact exercise programs.
• BENEFIT -Strengthens the shoulder/rotator cuff and increases flexibility. Improved coordination, agility, footwork, quickness and endurance. Burn a significant number of calories and can be effective for increasing strength and promoting weight loss.
• Made of extremely thick 1200 denier polyester

Weight 9.6 kg

1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, 3.5cm, 3.8cm, 4cm


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