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Bristle DartBoard


  • Complete staple free bullseye helps prevent bounce-outs. Thin round wire and new construction of outer bull ring with only 4 staples (not 20 as in other round wire boards) helps further minimize bounce-outs and increase scoring potential
  • Durable thick & elastic sisal fiber compressed together in a medium hardness provides much better grip of darts, and give the players excellent experiences of feeling during throwing
  • Official tournament size measuring 17.8” in outer diameter and 1.5” in thickness complies with the latest WDF specifications
  • Removable number ring allows you to rotate the board regularly for better protecting the sisal and extending the lifetime of the dartboard
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 This board features a quality wooden backing for mounting, and is able to fit into most dart cabinets seamlessly.

 This board features exceptionally straight and narrow spider wire dividers, reducing dart deflection and increasing opportunities for a good shot.

 This dart board even includes game instructions for beginners learning to play, yet is sturdy and tough enough to impress even the most advanced players!

 Board Size: 18” diameter, 1.60” depth. Bristle construction self-heals after use. Standard wire spider designed dividers isolate each bed. Includes wall mounting hardware for hanging and game instructions.

18″ x 1.75″ bristle construction

Weight 4.6 kg


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