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Domino Tin Box


  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: The beautifully designed tiles of this double 6 dominoes set is built from a ceramic-like melamine which provides a sturdy feel with smooth edged feature for more comfort
  • AMUSING FOR All: Our colored double six domino sequence board game set can be used in the exciting domino show, like collapsing a long sequential line of tiles that eventually looks fantastic
  • ENTERTAINING AND EDUCATIONAL: This dominoes game set has the right number of domino tiles for a newbie to learn this amazing game which makes this the perfect choice for learning with fun
  • STYLISH DESIGN: Our dominos double 6 games set inherits a unique classical look. The light weight set is perfectly balanced for an interesting fun game time with friends and family during leisure
  • STURDY STORAGE CASE: This colored dominoes set comes packed into a robust strong tin storage container making this highly portable, easy to store and clean on a regular basis
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DOMINOES THE SIMPLEST WAY TO PLAY – Each person gets seven tiles and each price has to have a corresponding side. Blanks do not go, with any other tile besides their own dominoes for 2018 (blanks go with blanks, ones go with ones, twos connect to twos and so on). The game goes on until the game is locked or one person runs out of tiles

MEXICAN TRAIN DOMINOES – Is an additional train that anyone may play on during their turn. They can start the train by playing a domino matching the engine (the double played at the beginning of the round) or add to the train. Mexican trains can be added as long as a space remains

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