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Magic Ball


• Wrist trainer

• Training level can be adjusted by the speed of twisting

• Start the training by pulling the rope The Magic Ball Has A Maximum Resistance Of 15 Kg. With The Magic Ball You Can Train Your Wrists, Hand, Forearm, Biceps, Triceps And Shoulders.

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• Effectively restores wrist pain and increases the strength of fingers, wrists, hands, forearms and shoulders. Can be used as a good arm muscle training and recovery tool to help fitness people or post-operative recovery people for targeted training!
• Many sports, like basketball, tennis, badminton, and baseball, rely on flexible wrists and strong forearms. Without strong wrists and forearms, you can’t produce enough power and have no flexible and strong wrists.
• You only need to push the core in the direction of the arrow, start by the internal spring, no rope, small and lightweight, easy to take, exercise anytime, anywhere, This new wrist ball is Auto-Start Style, without pull string.
• Wrist ball high-speed rotation of the kinetic energy and sound will bring you a new shock, as the speed changes, the LED light color will also change, to create a dazzling fantasy light-like effect, Power ball give you a new sport Feelings.

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