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95cm Trampoline


  • Fitness trampoline: professional fitness trampoline, jump out of a good figure, show a charming figure
  • Weight loss artifact: 10 minutes of trampoline is equivalent to half an hour of running. it does not hurt the knees and whole body. it improves heart rate and cardiopulmonary function. it can exercise leg muscles and core muscles.
  • Silent foot pad: soft rubber foot pad, built-in metal sheet, to prevent the foot tube from puncturing the foot pad, absorb most of the sound, mute bouncing, the movement is more silent
  • Have a healthy body: exercise for 15 minutes a day, you can thin waist, thin arms, hips, skinny legs, burn fat quickly, so you have a healthy and good figure
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Train, bounce and jump on the Funhop Fitness trampoline. That’s really nice! You can make trampoline jumping a daily workout activity with the Funhop Fitness trampoline. Did you know that jumping promotes metabolism? In addition, you will improve your balance and strengthen your muscles. In short: jumping is healthy and can be done by people of all ages!

  • Train your muscles in a fun and intensive way
  • Improve your balance, coordination, stability and endurance
  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Low impact cardio workout effectively targeting larger muscle groups; folds up for quick and easy storage
  • Stability handle with foam slip resistant grips; four flip-out legs convert the trampoline into a rebounder or incline jumping workout


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