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Twister Motion


  • Trims internal and external oblique- This twister targets your internal and external obliques along with your spinal rotation. Both sets of oblique muscles are in the sides of your stomach and run from your ribs to your hips along the sides of your torso
  • Tightens waist – This twister not only tightens your side bulges but also tones your waistline since your twisting exercise covers ribs to your hips
  • Strengthens the core- it not only shapes your body but also tightens your core area. With regular usage, you’ll see improved muscle and increased range of motion
  • Acupressure therapy- sit on a chair and keep your feet on the acupressure side of the twister to relax your body and benefit from the therapy. This therapy removes fatigue, revives senses and improves blood circulation
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• Twisting motion is designed to help tone and trim
• Helps to improve balance, core stability and coordination
• Large 25cm diameter surface provides plenty of standing area
• Massage points relieve tension in your feet and enhance grip on the board
• Maximum user weight capacity: 100kg / 220lbs / 15.7 stone

Weight .5 kg


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