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Ultra-Go 819FM Treadmill


  • 5-9.2 MPH Speed levels & P1-P12 Programs: With the quick touch of a button or use the easy-access handlebar controls you can adjust speed from 0.5-9.2 MPH(0.8-14.8KM/H) to manipulate workout intensity and reach your goals with pre-set 12 programs
  • Heavy Duty Construction & 1,5 HP Impulse Max Motor: Made from high quality steel, the capacity of the treadmill is up to 265lbs120kg/, as far as possible to meet your needs. 2.25 horsepower quite impulse motor deliver power for interval, speed, or endurance training
  • Adjustable Incline Level& 47″ X 17″ Rubber Running Belt: The inclination of this treadmill could be manually adjusted in 3 levels, helps you burn more calories, tone more muscle, and build greater endurance. Big rubber running belt provides more comfortable and more stable workout experience
  • Foldable design & Cushioning Design: Easy Hydraulic pressure folding mechanism and a soft drop system to help you fold and unfold your treadmill safely and with ease. This treadmill also feature with 6 Damping spring, 3 on each side of the machine, which can reduce noise and decrease vibration to your floor efficiently
  • MP3 and Audio Auxiliary Port & EKG Grip Pulse Sensor: Stay motivated during your workout by listening to your favorite playlist while running through the built-in dual speakers; monitor and maintain your target heart rate for optimal fitness results
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The Ultra-Go 818FM folding treadmill is durable, reliable, and loaded with valuable features, helping you walk, jog, or run with confidence in the comfort of your own home. Wheel it out and set up with ease thanks to the Soft Drop hydraulic lowering system. The Ultra-Go 818FM ‘s innovative design includes safe and convenient handlebar controls, which let you control your speed without ever removing your hands from the handlebars. The Ultra-Go 818FM is also built for comfort and power, with a 1.5-horsepower motor allowing you to reach speeds up to 14.8/h. The Ultra-Go 818FM will be the perfect partner at every step of your fitness journey with 6 quick select speeds, 12 programming options, 3 levels of incline, and exclusive hand weights so that you can increase the intensity, and reach your goals faster. View your speed, time, distance, calories and pulse on the large 5″ LCD display, so you can track your progress. Equipped with USB connection, Aux outlet, speakers and drink holders so you’ll forget you’re even working out. With the Ultra-Go 818FM ‘s integrated ab crunch foot pads mean you can also strengthen your core, which will significantly reduce the chance of back pain or injury in everyday life. With world class design Ultra-Go 818FM treadmills have more welded steel components, making them among the strongest and sturdiest around.

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